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Book Reviews
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by Marissa Meyer

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Archenemies is a lovely sequel to Renegades that ups the stakes and adds more tension to the already fragile balance the characters hold (not a bad thing).

by Marissa Meyer

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This is a very well thought-out approach to a world suddenly populated with super powered individuals. The characters are fun and compelling, and the plot is perfectly paced.

by Marissa Meyer

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This is a good final installment for the Renegades trilogy. My only concern is that some of the characters’ actions seem somewhat out of character when compared to previous books.

Teen Titans, Full Throttle
by Adam Glass

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With a whole new cast of characters in the Teen Titans series, this is definitely worth a read.

by Brandon Sanderson

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If I could give this book 4.5 stars I would. It is an amazing read, and an excellent continuation of the Stormlight Archive series. My only issue is that a lot of the book is spent with the characters waiting or discussing things, rather than acting. However, there is more action and more revelation than in the previous book, which I am grateful for.

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