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Book Reviews
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A Raisin In The Sun Lorraine Hansberry
by Lorraine Hansberry

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To be honest I would give this book a 4.5 but that isn't available. Ok so, this book includes the story of a family called the Younger family. This family is black American and made up of 6 people . These people are Lena(The mother of her two kids) Walter and Beneatha . Ruth the wife of Walter with her son Travis and Lena's husband he is dead but still is frequently mentioned in the book. In this story, the family is facing a lot of troubles since of all the racial injustice going on back then. Though there is still one thing that gives this family joy which is the insurance money. In this story, each of the adults have a dream they want to fulfill with the money and this book tells what this dream is and who gets to fulfill their dream(I'm going to keep you in suspense) So if you want to find out who's dream was fulfilled and what the dreams are then read this book.

They Both Die At The End
by Adam Silvera

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You know how it’s going to end, but that should not stop you from reading it anyway. It’s about the journey far more than the destination.

Genghis Khan And The Making Of The Modern World By Jack Weatherford
by Jack Weatherford

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The book was not my favorite due to being close if not completely nonfiction. One issue I found, was the events seemed compiled and didn't seem to follow a sense of order. Also, only half the book was about Genghis Khan. Thus I have given it two. This is not to say it shouldn't be read. It was not my cup of tea.

by E. K. Johnston

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Though not cannon to the star wars universe anymore it is still a great book to read. It goes through what happens to Ahsoka Tano after the clone war's, and how she hides from the new looming empire. Its a very good book that kept me entertained, if you like previous star wars books/movies you will probably enjoy this.

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle
by Arthur Conan Doyle

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It has many stories with different times of mysteries, some of which prove that Sherlock Holmes is not indeed impossible to win against. If you liked other Sherlock Holmes books, I'd suggest this one.

Going Wild
by Lisa Mcmann

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The story is interesting and compelling, and the characters have good interactions. The writing style was a bit more tell than show, though.

Howl’s Moving Castle
by Diane Wynne Jones

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Very fun and interesting book, with fun takes on self-created magic and the perspective of self-aware fairy tale characters.

Rangers Apprentice Book 1
by John Flanagan

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This is a great book thats very entertaining and action packed! It follows 15 year old Will and his journey throughout becoming a Apprentice of the very mysterious Rangers. I really enjoyed it, if you like books placed in medieval times then this one is a good choice.

The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline
by Nancy Springer

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Another excellent addition to the series. My one disappointment is that this one cannot be solved before Enola does, unlike previous books which give the reader the chance to solve it first.

Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Four
by Arthur Conan Doyle

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The book followed a different path from "The Study in Scarlett". It was different from most treasure hunting stories, and of which also did justice to the villain. I would suggest this story.