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Drive Right 11th Edition
by Owen Crabb

The book was very informative on how to approach many driving maneuvers and safety. It went over how to handle with car problems that might come up. It also told you what to do to become a good, safe driver. The one issue with it was the information was scattered among chapters in an unorderly manner. I would recommend reading this book if you want to become a driver.

Shark SummerI
by Ira Marcks

A fun book for kids who want to be a film maker and/or like Jaws.

Moon Knight
by Lemire and Smallwood

Adventurous and fascinating like nothing I've read before, with great, vivid artwork. A wonderous masterpiece that supports mental health. Also, a helpful read before watching the show. (You'll see many similarities between the two)

Shadow And Bone
by Leigh Bardugo

A very interesting world/setup. The magic system is not explored much, but has a good potential.

The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye
by Nancy Springer

A fitting conclusion to the Enola Holmes Series.

The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline
by Nancy Springer

Another excellent addition to the series. My one disappointment is that this one cannot be solved before Enola does, unlike previous books which give the reader the chance to solve it first.

Les Miserables, Fantine
by Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo manages, in the first hour of reading, to inform the reader of absolutely nothing necessary to the plot. Once Jean Valjean appears, the story picks up and becomes much more interesting and enjoyable—save for the chapter that covers all the events which occurred in a certain time frame. I know he thinks it necessary for context, but it really isn’t.

Katie The Catsitter Graphic Novel
by Colleen A. F. Venable

This book is about a girl who is just finding a way to spend her summer . Her two friends tell her about the fun summer camp they are attending and she should try it too. So Katie the main character goes on to find a job as to be able to attend the summer camp. Katie tries all types of jobs but nothing really works out for her until she comes upon the job of being a catsitter. Katie thinks this will be easy because she'll only have to catsit one cat but to her surprise, the owner has about 217 cats. How will she be able to control all of them? (I'll keep you in suspense again read the book)

A Raisin In The Sun Lorraine Hansberry
by Lorraine Hansberry

To be honest I would give this book a 4.5 but that isn't available. Ok so, this book includes the story of a family called the Younger family. This family is black American and made up of 6 people . These people are Lena(The mother of her two kids) Walter and Beneatha . Ruth the wife of Walter with her son Travis and Lena's husband he is dead but still is frequently mentioned in the book. In this story, the family is facing a lot of troubles since of all the racial injustice going on back then. Though there is still one thing that gives this family joy which is the insurance money. In this story, each of the adults have a dream they want to fulfill with the money and this book tells what this dream is and who gets to fulfill their dream(I'm going to keep you in suspense) So if you want to find out who's dream was fulfilled and what the dreams are then read this book.

The Case Of The Bizarre Bouquets
by Nancy Springer

A wonderfully constructed mystery. The character of of Enola Holmes is delightful and clever.
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